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High performance Phased Array electronics with option for PWI, FMC and full-parallel applications, 

16/16, 32/32, 64/64, 16/128, 16/256, 32/128, 32/256, 64/128 and 64/256

Can be daisy-chained for multi-electronic or multi-probe applications

Very-small form factor

Very-low power consumption

Detailed Description

Best seller for Phased Array, OEM-PA Mini is a versatile and comprehensive board that fits all your needs. From low channel counts to 128 channels or more, all advanced features of phased array are available (Linear Scan, Sector scan, DDF, DAC, Envelope, PWI and FMC).

Seamless integration with its very small form factor allowing for on- scanner placement as well as perfect for within compact integrated systems.


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