OEM-PA SDK (one time cost!)

a) API Documentation (C++ functions, classes, headers)
b) Library Files (DLLs)
c) OEM-PA Tool (Data Acq, A-scan, B-scan, Setup File Creation
d) EmuMon: Hardware Emulator, Monitoring Tools and more
e) PA Wizard: Toolbox (UT/Phased Array Parameter Manager, Focal Law Calculator)
f) OEM-PASector: Example Sector Scan App and A, B, C, D-scans
g) Custom Filter: Intuitive manager for FIR filters
h) OEM-PAApplicationExample: How to use low level and medium level API
i) OEM-PACustomizedExample: How to use OEMP-A files
j) OEM-PAFormExample (C#): How to use the driver in C#
k) OEM-PAWizardExample: See the various ways to interface with the wizard
l) Source Code for OEM-PA Tool**, OEM-PA Sector, and items (h), (i) , (j) ,(k).

With the source code you will have a foundation to start using the API. See real examples on how to use the API. The source code option is invaluable to a successful and quick development.

**Not all of the OEM-PA Tool source code is provided. (e.g. Phased Array Calculator)

High speed data transfer

High speed data transmission from one device to another. Data rates are many times measured in megabytes per second, abbreviated Mbps.

LabView driver

A highly productive development software used to create custom applications that interact with real-world data in fields like science and engineering.

MATLAB driver

A multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language. MATLAB is used for matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, as well as user interface creation, and interfacing with programs written in C#, C++, etc.

Full Matrix Capture (FMC)

FMC is a specific-data acquisition process that allows the operator to save raw pre-beamformed data for each transmitter/receiver pair. Once acquired, this data can be used to create beam formed images in post-processing, or can be analyzed using modern methods such as the Total Focusing Method (TFM).

USB 3.0

Also known as SuperSpeed USB, it supports exchange of data between a host computer and peripherals at speeds up to 5GBps (640MBps).

3D Focal Law Calculator

A tool for generating delay laws for complex phased-array probes and non-standard specimen. A calculator simplifies the work needed to compute pulse settings, and gives a graphical beam representation for verification of the profile.

Low Frequency

Frequencies below the normal range of ultrasonic NDT applications (<1MHz).

Probe Adapter

An adapter that allows probes with one connector format (for example Hypertronics) to be used on equipment based on another format (Olympus-type).

Test Block

A rectangular block of anodized aluminum containing Ø1 mm SDH (side drill holes) at specific locations, used for the characterization of ultrasound equipment and focal settings.