AOS Software Development Kit

There are an abundance of tools to guide a developer in customizing their end application. The best part is that the source code is open!
The videos on this page will show you:

• How to use the system out of the box
• Simple example applications to setup the hardware with UT and Phased Array parameters.
• Debugging / Monitoring tools. Click on the video to view.

1- OEM-PA Example Application

This video highlights the versatility and accuracy of our Phased Array FMC/TFM solution. See for yourself how sensitive, accurate and fast your NDT can be.

2- OEM-PA Quick Start Guide

This video shows the high resolution imaging from doing a Full Matrix Capture (FMC) with OEM-PA 64/64, then processing with the Total Focusing Method (TFM) technique.

3- OEM-PA Tool C-Scan

This video demonstrates C-Scan acquisition using the open-source example OEM-PA Tool

4- OEM-PA Tool: Check Temp Sensors

In this tutorial video, you will learn how to read temperature measurements from on-board sensors using OEM-PA Tool.

5- EmuMon – Using the Emulator

Learn how to use the emulator portion of EmuMon to replay saved data.

6- Default Configuration

See how to set default parameters for each device, such as filters, encoder settings, digital outputs, trigger settings, Cscan settings and Compression. Watch this video to learn how.

7- OEM-PA Sector: Example Application

OEM-PA Sector provides a framework for the developer to get started. See it in action in this video.

8- Firmware Update

This video highlights OEM-PA Tool and shows you how to successfully update your device’s firmware.