•  Perfect for demanding automated/robotic high productivity and high speed inspection needs
  • ◊ 14-Bit ADC! 100 MB/s with Gigabit Ethernet, low noise high resolution
  • Small! Integrate inside a portable PA & FMC instrument
  • Compact! Mount directly on AUT robot and save on expensive and long probe umbilical cable.
  • From 16/64 To 128/256 (Choose Scanning/Focusing channel config)
    • Scanning CH: 64, 128, 256
    • Focusing CH: 16, 32, 64, 128; Pulse/Echo, Pitch/Catch, Through-Transmission…etc.
  • TFMToolBox DLL: Add several advanced TFM algorithms to your software
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  • 16/16, 16/64, 16/128, 16/256 32/32, 32/128, 32/256 64/64, 64/128, 64/256


Pulse Voltage

100V~ 150V depending on the configuration (external power supply available for high PRF with Low Frequency) LAN (1000 BT, Gigabit Ethernet) 50~100 MB/s (STANDARD)
Pulse Type Negative Square 1 The maximum data rate can vary according to the PC, the OS setting and the Software environment.
Pulse Width 20~1000 ns  


Pulse Width Resolution 4 ns Mini Configurations 16/16, 16/64, 16/128, 16/256 32/32, 32/128, 32/256, 64/128, 64/256
Pulse Focusing Delay 0~40 µs Available Configurations Pulse/Echo, Pitch&Catch, Through Transmission (TTU)
Maximum PRF 20 kHz (higher in option) Probe Connector: Micro-connector I-Pex, Hypertronics, ITT Cannon adaptor in option


Interface Integration Heat plate with 4 screw holes (can be interfaced with a heat sink or cold plate)
Receiver Sensitivity 2000 mVpp at 14 bits Dimensions (LxWxH) From: 140x77x15 mm To: 140x105x15 mm
Receiver Gain Range 16~110 dB Weight < 250 g
Receiver Bandwidth 50 kHz to 20 MHz Temperature Sensors Yes
Receiver Focusing Delay 0~40 µs at 100 MHz Open Source SDK Yes (Fully Documented API)
Receiver Focusing Delay Resolution 5 ns Software Languages C++, C#, LabVIEW, MATLAB and more
DDF Up to 64 points Power Consumption 2 From: 10 to 22 W


2 Measured at a 2 kHz PRF with a 5 MHz probe with all channels enabled
FIR Filter Up to 64 taps I/O MANAGEMENT
Different Filter per Cycle Choose from 15 user defined filters Encoders X, Y
A-Scan Resolution Encoder Modes Quadrature, Quadrature4edges, Direction Count, Forward Backward
A-Scan Sampling Synch In Pulse trig, Sequence Trig, Encoders
Decimation Synch Out Pulse trig, Sequence Trig, Output
Acquire All A-Scans TimeStamps Yes (Position and Line Speed)
A-scan length (beam former): Pin Assignments Programmable
Max Number of Cycles Number I/O 6
FMC option
A-Scan Length

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