• Open instrument is perfect for Custom Solutions and Standard Products
  • OEM means you can brand the final solution or product
  • High performance Phased Array and Multi-channel instrument offering
  • Small Form Factor: Mount on robots, scanners and other mechanical manipulators
  • Instrument to PC via LAN connection allows you to place instrument near your probe or on the mechanical manipulator
  • Flexibility of a complete platform of instrumentation


  • Create value for your end customer – Don’t just use what everyone else uses.
  • Differentiate – Your industry expertise combined with our hardware is unbeatable
  • One-time software development investment – any hardware configuration can be swapped in/out.
  • Dependability of a supply source, which can actually be difficult to guarantee within your own company over the long term
  • Avoid expensive and risky R&D
  • Time to market can be improved
  • Development uncertainty is no longer a worry