The right tools for any type of In-Line inspection:

Pipeline infrastructure throughout the world is getting older every day. It is more and more important that the structural integrity of these pipelines be monitored. In-Line inspection is the industry standard for continuously inspecting large sections of pipeline for flaws and defects in the pipe wall in a relatively short period of time.  AOS has the tools that can help you with this type of inspection and also, if you are looking for a turn-key solution or an off-the-shelf system, we can direct you to one of our partners:

  • Tube/Pipe Inspection
  • Bar Inspection
  • Square Bar Inspection
  • Plate Inspection
  • Ingot Inspection

High performance:

  • Conventional PAUT
  • Advanced real time post processing (allows you to process many beamformings at the same time for different angles and different positions from the same acquisition)